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Cheating on Holidays- How to stay lean and eat (kind of) clean

Everyone needs a cheat meal or we all go crazy, right?

After eating well and training like animal, the last thing you want to happen, however, is for all your hard work to be in vain come your summer holidays.

You have worked hard consistently and should be reaping the benefits of your efforts- not worrying about holding in the tummy or wary of covering up on the beach.

This summer will be different- BUT, that saying, we have compiled a mini check list of how to cheat and get away with it on holidays- no! Not in that way!


Here is our simple guide to staying lean on holidays:

  • About 6 weeks-8 weeks before your holiday, start taking your Infinity Fuel twice daily. Also start taking some probiotics on a daily basis to build up some good bacteria in your stomach before you travel abroad- it helps prevent bloating and helps line your stomach- win!
  • Drink between 2.5-3l or water a day
  • Avoid fizzy drinks as they can lead to bloating
  • Fill up on protein at each meal- even if you are adding more carbs, be sure to keep up your protein intake each day.
  • Have a shake when you get up- it keeps your tummy  satisfied and sets you off to a good start each day.
  • Take advantage of all the gorgeous fresh fish, salad, fruit and other local fare- stock up on good fats like oily fish and olives and guzzle down the olive oil
  • If you are eating a more carb-heavy diet, try and have fish oils with each meal
  • Try and opt for clear alcohol if, or when, you decide to have a few drinks- vodka with soda water and lime is a little easier on our liver- that being said- everything in moderation!
  • Try and eat smaller meals more often- keep your good habits up so when you do ‘cheat’ that you’re not doing it out of hunger!
  • Try and work out/do some push-ups, a few jumping jacks- whatever- but have a little routine every day or so to keep feeling pumped and to stay on track in so far as possible!
  • Bring a photo of your trainer to remind you who is boss- haha just kidding!