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Healthy snacks for clean eating

One of the most frequently asked questions our trainers are asked by their clients is usually around what they can eat in between meals.

We would typically recommend 5-6 moderate meals,  so that should look something like Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack.

To keep guess-work out of the game, below are a few handy snacks to have with you on the go, which help curb sugar cravings and keep your energy levels stable.
1. Nut butter with celery sticks. Apply 1 teaspoon of a nut butter of your choice to the centre groove of a celery stick.
2. Celery sticks and goats cheese
3. Hard boiled eggs and Brazil nuts.
4. Protein shake and Cashew nuts.
5. Beef or turkey burger patties.
6. Nut butter spread onto Rice cakes- a super pre or post workout snack.
7. Branch chain amino acid (BCAA)drink.
8. Almond nut butter and an apple. With nut and nut butter intake try and prioritise your almond butter to later in the evening/post workout due to its high magnesium levels, it will help relax you before bed time.
9. Greek yogurt and blueberries.

We hope these may help you if you become a little stuck for ideas on snacks.  And, as always if you have any questions on any of the above snack ideas  or whether or not they are suitable for your personal goals, you can contact us on 01-8534091 or by email at info@theedgegym.ie