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new years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions you will actually stick to

2014 new year

So it’s that time of year again…After the last  4-6 weeks of falling off the bandwagon after Christmas parties, neighbours calling over, catching up with your old friends, office parties and of course Christmas Day, it’s time to start a new plan, write a new To-Do list and start 2014 the way you mean to go on.

At The Edge, we recommend changes and healthy alterations that fit into your lifestyle, resolutions that will stick with you long after January, ones that you can improve as the year progresses so they become habit and part of your life, rather than a faddy gym pass or a diet that you can’t stick to.

The most frequent New Year’s resolutions we come across are the following:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Eat Healthy Food
  3. Start Training (again!)
  4. Increase Fitness levels
  5. Increase mood- become happier
  6. Increase Energy Levels
  7. Cut down on or cut out Alcohol
  8. Quit Smoking


The above are a great starting point for your own resolutions, but they need to be realistic. There is no point giving yourself a list that you feel is beyond your ability due to time, money or work/family commitments. You need to think realistically about your lifestyle, your general health and your commitment levels when it comes to change and adaptation.
Most people tend to give up on their resolutions mid- January or February as they lack motivation, support, encouragement or they feel they just can’t do it!

Start simply:

  1. Cut down on tea and coffee
  2. Start drinking green tea and drink more water
  3. Try and have some green leafy salad or veg with each meal
  4. Limit your intake of sugar and processed foods
  5. Get out and be active- Join a fitness class like our X-FIT or ask about our Boxing or Buddy Training.
  6. Find something you enjoy doing, get out and meet new people and put your best foot forward.
  7. Spend time with your family, not just watching TV, DVD’s or driving them to and from school. Plan trips, organise days out, get active and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You will feel better.
  8. Stay committed to your goals. Write them on your wall, keep a list in your pocket. Remember- these changes are to make you live a longer, healthier life. They are not about January. They are about making you happier, more energetic and ultimately look and feel fantastic.


If you are interested in speaking to one of our team about starting a new plan for 2014, give us a call now on (01) 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie.
Our team offer support, encouragement and a little push- We will not let you fail. If you are looking to get fit, lose weight, increase lean muscle and feel great, with our help you may be able to finally stick to your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 and long after….

Make 2014 one to remember.