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Returning to exercise after Covid-19

Getting back into exercise after any illness can be a daunting task, but with headlines pointing in multiple directions, particularly for Covid-19, we thought we would lay out a few simple tips for those recovering* from moderate symptoms (*who have finished their isolation period and feel well enough to part-take in physical exercise). 

Note: Cardiovascular and respiratory (heart and lung) issues can continue longer in certain population groups, therefore we recommend that before  your return to exercise that you consult your GP.

Being fit and being healthy are two different things. Staying healthy requires that we tick the boxes of a myriad of nutritional and lifestyle factors.

Here are a few tips to help you start on the part to feeling and exercising as normal, along with staying on top of your nutrition:

  1. Recovery is important, so make sure to get your sleep of between 7-8 hours per night, especially during these first few weeks. Give your body the ability to fight and repair by keeping your sleep consistent by the amount you get and the time you go to sleep.
  2. Stay on top of your health supplements, Vitamin D, Zinc and other minerals are part of your daily routine now to keep you healthier and aid your energy levels back to normal.
  3. Light effort to start with; the first 2 weeks of back to exercise should be an exertion of 4/5 out of 10. You will know what your body can do and what you should avoid. General symptoms to avoid should be a higher than normal heart rate and any inability to catch your breath.
  4. Don’t drop your calories! Now is not the time to aim for aggressive dieting- your body will need the best nutrition to repair and restore. Figure out your baseline for calories and get back to your maintenance if you have been dieting. Your body will thank you for it- we promise!

As always, our trainers are here to answer any of your questions- feel free to drop us a mail to schedule a private consultation. If you’re looking to understand the best steps to take for your return to exercise after Covid-19, why not talk to us today and get back on track before the New Year. Email info@theedgegym.ie