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how to rid your body of toxins

How to rid your body of toxins after the party season!

We all over-indulge once in a while but it really can have an immense after-effect on our system in general- our hair becomes greasy or too dry, our nails weaken, our skin can become flaky or more prone to acne.

Our sleep can be affected, which has a knock on effect on our mood. Our libido is dulled and our general lust for life doesn’t feel the same as before.

Hangovers affect everyone in a different way- some may suffer from migraines for days afterwards, others lose or gain appetite, but for the wrong foods. Others need a couple of days off work to help recharge the batteries.

In essence, a few too many nights out can do a lot more damage to your health than it does to your bank account…

If you’re feeling like this and are thinking of ways to clean our your system and help give it the support it needs to re-build itself, why not try our Infinity Fuel?

tired hungover woman

Infinity Fuel is one of the most potent and effective health ‘greens’ drinks on the market. It has been designed by a team of specialists and manufactured by the leading European laboratory,  Cultech.

Infinity Fuel has a unique combination of ingredients that are defined by 4 separate benefits:
– Detox Blend
– Antioxidant & Immunity Formula
– Weight management & Energy Formula
– Digestive Health Formula

Infinity Fuel is a strong alkaliser for the body and helps with the detoxification processes of the body, making it the most powerful drink on the market. It has a full spectrum of friendly bacteria and helper digestive enzymes, offering you the nutrients that your body needs, and a healthy gut to absorb them.

Recommended Dosage:

1 scoop per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional

Who should take this product:

Infinity Fuel is a must-have for anyone who is serious about their health. This is the single most crucial supplement for anyone looking to improve their overall health in one single product.

If you’re looking to supplement your healthy in general, build your immune system, increase your energy and improve your general well-being, you might want to give this a try!

infinity fuel

Infinity Fuel- Detox, cleanse, supercharge and restore

“Every disease can be linked to a nutritional deficiency”

Linus Pauling – 2 time Nobel prize winner

Humans, unlike plants who require only up to 9 essential minerals for growth, need over 60 essential minerals for optimal health and longevity. With this in mind, it is quite difficult to obtain a healthy diet full of all of our essential nutrients unless you are eating all of your vegetables from organic sources derived from nutrient rich soil. In most cases, our diet lacks some of the major essential nutrients that our body requires to function at its most optimum state of well-being.

The majority of our clients who start training with us often think that diet alone is sufficient for obtaining everything we require to live a long and healthy life. We take our health one step further and with specific supplementation, we can start to live optimally, meaning we build our immune system, we are healthy and nourished, we sleep more soundly and we increase our energy levels naturally.

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Apart from our soil not being as ‘potent’ or as nutrient rich as it once was, our lifestyles in the past few decades have changed dramatically! We are working more than ever, we thrive on stress, breathe more pollution, consume more processed foods, have less sleep and, inevitably, begin to suffer health-wise as a consequence.

Let us think for a minute that, if indeed it were true that we could receive our full spectrum of nutrition from our diet alone, then people would be healthier than ever before- sadly though, this is not the case.

Fueling your day- Fueling your future!

With this change, we have had the unique opportunity, over the past number of years, to work alongside the research scientists from Cultech, one of Europe’s leading nutritional supplement manufacturers to bring you our very own green’s supplement, Infinity Fuel.

Infinity Fuel has been created specifically with today’s most common nutritional deficiencies in mind. Supplementing your diet with Infinity Fuel on a daily basis ensures that you are consuming sufficient nutrients for optimal health, well-being and bringing a better quality of life.

infinity fuel

The list of ingredients added to this greens powder drink gives you Amino Acids for regeneration and healing, Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for digestion and gut health, Minerals and Vitamins to increase energy and build a powerful immune system and last but not least, high ORAC Anti-oxidants for their Anti-aging properties.

Try Infinity Fuel today – just 1-2 scoops per day- and you will feel better after just a few days- you will see the results for yourself. If you have any questions about our Infinity Fuel or indeed any of our other supplements, give our team a call now on 01 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie.

Tip: Some of our clients add their Infinity Fuel to their vegetable based smoothies in the morning and others take a shot of it before work or sip it during their workout.

detoxing your body from toxins

What are Toxins and how can I Detox?

Toxins are substances that cause harmful effects to our bodies. The immune system, liver and kidneys work together to remove these toxins at the same rate they are encountered. They can build up and be stored until removed and are store as fat in the body.
Endogenous (Internal) Toxins can be built up from our lifestyle, created within our bodies and even created due to a build up of emotional stress in our every day lives. Exogenis (External) Toxins come from pollution, mercury, plastics, Antibiotics and Pesticides.

Countless metabolic reactions are occurring in our body at every moment of every day. These reactions occur at molecular level and are necessary in helping us break down proteins, fats and sugars into energy during the digestive and metabolic processes. Each of these reactions creates toxic waste products that must be eliminated.
Another important example are hormones such as estrogen and androgen, which must be broken down and excreted by the liver after they are used.

If they are not properly broken down and excreted, then it causes hormonal imbalances and causes symptoms such as weight gain, skin disorders and blood sugar imbalances. In addition, toxic build-up can occur when elimination mechanisms are inadequate due to poor nutrient intake or improper absorption or key detoxification nutrients. In most cases, it is the combination of excess toxin formation and poor toxin elimination that leads to toxic build-up.

The intestinal tract is full of bacteria and yeast. Typically known as gut flora or intestinal microbes, these bacteria and yeast are highly beneficial. They assist in the digestion of vitamins and play and important role in the body;’s immune response. Although most of these microbes are beneficial, overgrowth or certain strains of bacteria and yeast can be harmful to our health. These harmful flora constantly absorb nutrients and produce waste that can be absorbed into our body’s blood stream. This can lead to inflammation, a weakened immune system and a slower metabolic rate.


detox from toxins


It usually takes about 12-20 hours for the food we eat to be digested and eliminated from our body, but when we have digestive problems, such as decreased enzymes, to digest our food or slow peristaltic movement, undigested food can remain in the large intestine for a prolonged period of time causing harmful bacteria and yeast to grow. This build-up produces high levels of toxic compounds that are absorbed into the body’s circulation which require detoxification and elimination from the body.

When we experience a traumatic or stressful event, it’s common for us to react with a myriad of emotions. Repeated cycles of these kinds of emotional stresses have a direct effect on the nervous and hormonal systems, which can indirectly affect our body’s ability to detoxify. Rather than accepting these as normal or natural emotions, we might suppress them and not deal with them directly.

Ignoring or suppressing these emotions (such as leaving a spouse or job, avoiding a relative or neighbour etc…) will not make them do away and only prolongs the damaging effects on our bodies.


How to avoid a toxic build up in your body

  • Avoid all processed foods which are full of chemicals and additives which will also lead to weight/fat gain, poor digestive health and certain food allergies.
  • Avoid drinking normal tap water and invest in a quality filter.
  • Get any mercury fillings removed and instead opt for tooth-coloured composite.
  • Use chemical-free cleaning products that don’t contain bleach ammonia or other chemicals.
  • Look after your stress/emotions- Meditation or yoga will help you relax and calm down and will help you deal with day to day ups and downs.


How to Detox your body

  • Choose natural organic food ie: green vegetables and meat
  • Drink clean fresh water
  • Fill up on good fats
  • Lead and clean and healthy life
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes per day and start a weights program
  • Try a 3-day Juice Diet


Another beneficial Detox method is using a sauna, particularly for slow metabolizers. It heats your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes. It also enhances circulation and helps oxygenate your tissues.
Please note: Never start any Detox until you are healthy, eating well and aren’t sick otherwise your liver won’t be able to process toxic substances properly.

If you would like to discuss our Initial Lifestyle Consultation or our Juice Detox Diet, give our team a call now on 01 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie.

Kick start your 2014 with some clean living and a healthy program-

You will feel better, just give yourself the time, the TLC and  the dedication you deserve!