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Autonomic Habits: Piggy-Backing on Success

Trying to create and maintain a new habit can take time, often up to three months for new tasks for lifestyle changes to become habitual.

Here’s a tip you can take on board to fast track your success..

One of the habits we find that our clients  often struggle to keep consistent is taking their daily multivitamin/ mineral, fish oil etc…

Think of a habit that is autonomic, something you don’t think about, like your morning coffee or a glass of water first thing. Simply keep your pill box or supplement tub beside the coffee jar or machine as a gentle reminder- easy.

Hijacking what already works is a no brainer, but we never think of it.

Note: this can be added to any autonomic trait, such as brushing your teeth (hopefully), leaving something on your car seat, leaving your gym bag in the car or your walking shoes beside the front door…

Hopefully this might shape a small little part in forming your success story…

After all, the best plan is the one you can be consistent with.