Help your hormones

 When it comes to exercise, the main hormones associated with the positive effects we see and feel are called anabolic hormones. These hormones are responsible for gaining lean muscle tissue, increasing drive and motivation and decreasing body fat. The main anabolic hormones you may be familiar with are testosterone and growth hormone.

Although males have much higher levels of testosterone than females, it’s equally important that females optimise their levels to enable improvements in body composition, energy and recovery.

Below are three simple lifestyle and nutritional habits to  help optimize these hormones for both men and women.

Lift weights: Lifting weights is a great way of improving our anabolic hormone levels. Our bodies reaction to lifting weights is to increase the levels of anabolic hormones,  which in turn decreases fat and increases lean muscle tissue and bone mineral density.

Decrease fat levels: Hormones released from body fat can impair testosterone levels, increase hunger levels and increase inflammation in the body. Following a fat-reducing diet and exercise program will decrease body fat levels and increase our natural testosterone levels.

Protein intake: Help your body make muscle by keeping your protein intake at the optimal level. Our advice is to consume 1.3-1.5grams per kilogram bodyweight. If you’re 60kg, you should be aiming for approximately 80-90grams of protein per day. This can be done with animal foods, eggs, dairy and selected vegetarian options.