Group Fitness Classes at The Edge: Clontarf


Group fitness classes are a great way to kick yourself into gear on those days when all you really want to do is plant yourself on the couch. From  enthusiastic personal trainers to some fresh, pumping, motivational music, group classes can really help increase energy levels. Group classes are ideal for individuals who consistently find themselves skipping the gym for beers with co-workers or opting for the comfort of the couch and Netflix. You really do start to feel more obliged to attend and to spend your time with a group of like-minded people.


Skipping your own workout has very few consequences, but ditching your friends or co-workers may lead to some social animosity. Meeting friends for a sweaty gym session makes you much more likely to head to the gym as you don’t want to let them down. The guilts set in quite easily and your colleagues at the gym do want to see you at each class. you become part of a little team and you find that everyone wants each other to succeed.


Doing the same old routine over and over can get a little boring and may lead to you skipping workouts. Our classes change regularly every couple of weeks so the maximum times you’ll do one program is four and this is only to track improvement and progress. We vary exercises, tempos, reps, sets and program structures to keep them fun and interesting as well as being challenging. As instructors usually vary from session to session, even an “identical” class can seem unique depending on who’s teaching.

For further info on our classes, or indeed to pop in for an initial consultation, email or call 01 8534091.