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This supplement package contains B-Active, Sunshine D and CoQ10.

The B-vitamins play a critical role in all aspects of converting carbohydrates and fat into energy. With today’s hectic lifestyles, there is an increased demand for sufficient B-vitamins to boost our energy levels.

B-Active contains all of the necessary vitamins to support an active lifestyle, together with L – carnitine at the appropriate levels to optimize your physical output for the day ahead.

Vitamin D is essential for teeth and bone health, by supporting the absorption of calcium. For these benefits the RDA level of 5ug per day is normally adequate.

Vitamin D also assists our cells by regulating their functionality.

We have now introduced Sunshine D in a very pleasant chewable tablet form containing the full level of 25ug per tablet – making it the easiest means possible of ensuring that you receive the full benefits of this wonderful vitamin.

CoQ10 is required by all of the cells in our body, and is beneficial to good cardiovascular health and detoxification. Each tablet contains a full 60mg of CoQ10 which has been emulsified and freeze dried for superior absorption.