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Summer Bodies are made in Winter

OK, ok we know it’s tough to stay motivated in January- the weather is crap, it’s cold, it’s windy, work is mental and the kids probably have all caught some nasty bug or flu…

The last thing you want to do is arrive home and go right outside the door and start training…but think of this…

Fast forward to your summer holiday, think of walking along the beach in your bikini or swim shorts and feeling the best you’ve ever felt in your own skin.

Think of that feeling when someone goes to take a holiday snap and this time, for the first time in a long time, you turn and give them your best smile, because you’ve worked damn hard for this body, you’ve earned this holiday and you are proud of what you see.


No more covering up, regardless of your size in clothing terms, body confidence is something you cannot buy. You need to feel it.

Trust us, we see it time and time again- people sign up for bootcamps then leave after a few weeks and then come to us a month before the holidays in a panic. Of course, that’s ok too…But this year, why not keep up the pace, stick to your current regime and stay on the healthier path.


Teach your friends and family new eating habits, share recipes, get out and stay active.

We can help too- keep in touch each week and sign up for classes or schedule those Personal Training sessions, and don’t give up.

Stay with us.

Because THAT feeling on the beach is so bloody worth the effort and hard work you’re putting in now.