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Pre and Post Workout Stretching

Pre and Post Stretching
Here at the Edge we encourage all of our clients to stretch or rather mobilize before they train. In fact, we recommend all our clients to come in at least 10 minutes before to get ready for the for their session ahead but why do we do this, exactly?

Pre Training
, we are looking to excite your nervous system, preparing your muscles and your mind for exercise. Research suggests that static stretching does little to increase flexibility or prevent injuries  because cold muscles are more susceptible to injury. A better choice is to begin your workouts with some dynamic stretching. With Dynamic or Active stretching, you should choose 4 or 5 movements that help get you ready for your workout.


Post Workout Stretches
We can appreciate that after your workout, the last thing you want to do is wait around the gym and stretch, but it’s vitally important to aid in your recovery. Research suggests that static stretches are a great way to cool down after a training session so when your workout is complete you should take at least 5 minutes out to cool down and static stretch. Stretching after a workout can also help increase your range of motion. Greater range of motion, when working out, can help with fat burning and body composition so its a win win situation!

Static Stretching
**Our tip is to choose 2 or 3 stretches that are specific to your body needs and work through them slowly** If in any doubt, speak to one of our trainers about the best stretches for your individual needs.