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Couch to 5k training plan and tips

SO like many of us, it can be tough to make the decision to take on a race and, particularly for beginners, the thought of the hard graft ahead isn’t all so pleasant!

Here are out top tips on how to nail your couch to 5k like a pro!

1. Set goals- always give yourself within which you want to finish the race. Give yourself a secondary time too, so are realistic about getting across the finish line regardless.

2. Reduce your chance of injury and blisters- wear good comfortable running shoes. You can get your gait checked in most reasonable sports shops now so it’s worth the investment in the long term!

3. Make exercise a part of your every day life- get off the bus one stop earlier, take the stairs, add some extra sit-ups or crunches to your weight training session and try and get out for a brisk walk, even if the weather doesn’t always act in your favour

4. Start as you mean to go on- start by incorporating little light jogs with fast walking and increase the ration of jogging until you can comfortably run for 30 minutes. This is different for everyone but you will improve within days- it’s very rewarding too!

5. Change your training route- like everything, the straight path in front of you can get very boring- mix it up- run on the beach, run in the park, run along the sea, in the forest, on the street. It will improve your fitness and strength and will give your body extra challenges to deal with, depending on the terrain.

6. Do not overtrain- let your body recover and remember that a rest day is always part of the program too!

7. Aim for quality and not quantity with your runs- if you feel tired after an illness or have had a very stressful week, people respond differently- don’t push yourself too hard but find a balance that works for you.

8. Invest in some good running gear- Ireland is not known for it’s balmy evenings, so it’s worth investing in some wet gear or at least a running jacket to keep you comfortable and dry!

9. Keep up your strength training sessions- remember to incorporate at least two good strength training session per week to keep your body and mind focused, strong and confident.

10. Grab a buddy- why not take this opportunity to grab a buddy and get them involved with your training- that way you are more likely to stick to your plan and nail your goals!

Why not speak to one of our trainers about how they can supplement your running program with HIIT, strength and conditioning days.