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Client Testimonial- Personal Training at The Edge Clontarf

“I first joined the edge because I wanted to feel better about my body. I was always doing tons of cardio trying to lose weight but once I joined the edge and started lifting weights, THAT’S when I began to see my body change.
 I started the evening X-FIT classes which were great and I learned loads from the guys.

After a few weeks in I contacted Sean we chatted about my goals and ideas.  We set out weekly goals and targets to achieve as Sean pushed me to the limit and showed me how strong I was. 
I am not going to say was easy at all, I’m learning all the time but I am closer than ever to my goal and I never would have been this close if I hadn’t joined the edge.

I am looking forward to more personal training sessions with Sean as he has kept me on track with my nutrition and my body fat is consistently decreasing and I am so happy with my progress for far.”

Meghan Buggy- August 2014