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Binary Habits

More common than not is what we call an ‘all or nothing approach’ to nutrition and exercise. Binary habits refer to being 100% on or off, with any slight deviation pulling us away from our goals or focus.  

A much better approach with regard to forming long lasting habits, is having more of an 80:20 strategy,  starting with something as easy to  stick to,  like a check in with your PT.  

Personal training should entail some form of accountability,  that keeps us focused, but equally understands that we are human, have lives, children, commitments outside of our goals, all the while still keeping us on our path.  

 Daily checklists can be as simple as: 

  • Protein intake
  • Daily step counts
  • Multivitamin and fish oil
  • Sleep 

When we’re focused on one clear goal, we find it easy to ‘short term’ tick all the boxes on our checklist, but for the majority of us, keeping this level of commitment just simply isn’t feasible. So, rather than falling off the horse and quitting,  why not adapt the approach of staying and simply adopting  the 80:20 rule. You can and will still achieve some amazing things, without feeling guilty when all the stars are not aligned.