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How to get Bikini-ready in just a few weeks!

OK, so the main focus of your training and nutrition plan should be long term maintenance and your overall health, but for the more time-conscious among the crowds, here are some top tips on how to get bikini ready in just  a few weeks:

victorias secret


Top tips on getting Bikini ready in just a few weeks:

  • Cut out processed foods
  • Drink between 2.5-3 litres of water per day
  • Cut out tea and coffee and switch to green tea
  • Eat five small meals per day- eat little and often
  • Balance your meals- lots of green leafy vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats
  • Don’t skip meals- you’ll  just crave sugar later on
  • Switch your cardio training for some high interval and strength training to boost fat loss and build muscle
  • Snack on nuts, chicken breasts, salmon fillets, boiled eggs, blueberries and beef jerky
  • Cut out alcohol, sugar and any other vices
  • Supplement with a good quality greens drink, a multi-vitamin, vitamin c, some fish oils and magnesium to maximise your results
  • Train 4-5 times per week and leave the car at home- if you want results you have to work for them!
  • Go and buy some bikinis and summer dresses to keep you on track and motivated
  • Grab a buddy and help each other stay focused.
  • Get your family involved and limit temptation by clearing out your cupboards!

Congratulations- hard work really pays off!

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