Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C? Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid,  is a vitamin we need on a daily basis. Some animals actually make their own Vitamin C, but humans must get theirs from food and other sources. Good sources of Vitamin C include fresh fruits and vegetables, especially... Read more

Infinity Fuel- Detox, cleanse, supercharge and restore

infinity fuel
“Every disease can be linked to a nutritional deficiency” Linus Pauling – 2 time Nobel prize winner Humans, unlike plants who require only up to 9 essential minerals for growth, need over 60 essential minerals for optimal health and longevity. With this in mind, it is quite difficult to... Read more

New Year’s Resolutions you will actually stick to

new years resolutions
So it’s that time of year again…After the last  4-6 weeks of falling off the bandwagon after Christmas parties, neighbours calling over, catching up with your old friends, office parties and of course Christmas Day, it’s time to start a new plan, write a new To-Do list and start... Read more

What are Toxins and how can I Detox?

detoxing your body from toxins
Toxins are substances that cause harmful effects to our bodies. The immune system, liver and kidneys work together to remove these toxins at the same rate they are encountered. They can build up and be stored until removed and are store as fat in the body. Endogenous (Internal) Toxins... Read more

Happy Fitmas and How to Eat Clean over the Christmas Holidays

santa claus
Just a quick post to remind you as to what kind of hours we are open so you can stay healthy over the holidays: Dec 24th- Christmas Eve- Open for group classes only – Just a few places remaining! Dec 25th- Christmas Day- CLOSED Dec 26th- Stephen’s Day –... Read more

Childhood Obesity- make the change

chocolate cereal
Up to 327,000 children are either obese or overweight with experts warning that Ireland is heading for a US-style epidemic, with 33% of our children now suffering from weight issues. This hasn’t happened over night, this has been coming for a long time and we have no one to... Read more