Training during Pregnancy

A study by Evenson et al. (2008) found that pregnant women cited the same reasons for avoiding exercise as non-pregnant women; lack of time, too busy, lack of energy and tiredness were the top four.

Sound familiar?
Well, a nationwide study in America found that 98% of women who did participate in exercise during pregnancy found it to be beneficial. They felt better about themselves, they had more energy and they also reported less lower back pain.

So, is there any reason women should avoid exercise when pregnant and healthy?
Absolutely not, moderate weight training and cardiovascular exercise is highly recommended for pregnant women by leading physicians worldwide. The American College of Sports Medicine recommend at least 30 minutes of light exercise a day, or ideally 20-60 minutes of moderate exercise 3 to 5 days a week.

So what are the benefits?
Improving wellbeing and energy
Reducing stress and improving sleep quality
Make labour easier
Relieving back pain
Prevent excess weight gain
Prevent joint damage
Avoiding health issues associated with pregnancy including gestational diabetes.
Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy due to the bodies’ inability to produce enough insulin to breakdown sugar. This is due to the interference of hormones produced during pregnancy that act against insulin. This can have knock on effects to the developing baby. Exercise is an effective way to combat this problem as it can help to regulate blood sugar levels.

So, not only is it ok to train during pregnancy, it is actually recommended and can significantly improve your quality of life and your babies health when carried out properly. Our personal trainers at The Edge: Clontarf can help to get you exercising appropriately during pregnancy so you can see these benefits in your life too. Email for further details or to book yourself in for a free, no obligations consultation.