Eat your greens with Infinity Fuel

In a recent study in 2014 25% of the Irish population don’t eat enough vegetables in their daily food intake. Our team of Personal Trainers at The Edge: Clontarf all believe we should  eat large amounts of good quality fresh vegetables every day for optimal health.

Most vegetables that we consume are not very calorie dense so this means we can and should take in more green veg with each meal. There are many different benefits from an increase of green veg in your diet:
1. An alkaline body
2. Aids digestion
3. Boosts immune system
4. Supplements your natural minerals and vitamins

You can achieve your RDA of greens by eating a combination of vegetables such as:
Green beans
Brussel sprouts

It’s important when you look to get your ‘5 a day’ in that you focus moreso on vegetables than fruits. Vegetables are more nutrient dense and aid better with fat loss due to a lower natural sugar count.
If you find that you struggle to consume an adequate amount of vegetables, you can try a nutritional supplement. Our product Infinity fuel is the perfect supplement to add into your nutritional plan, with each serving of Infinity fuel having up to 8 servings of fruit and vegetables, ideal for topping up your current vegetable intake, particularly in the run up to your holidays or a big occassion.