David Mulqueen

David is a Co-Director of The Edge. Helping people regain their health and fitness has become his life’s passion.

David has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years. He has continued to constantly educated himself throughout his career, learning from field experts all over the world in areas such as nutrition, supplementation, strength and conditioning.

It is from his extensive education and experience that David has been a health and fitness expert contributor on radio while also offering corporate health and wellness seminars

To remain at the cutting edge of the health & fitness industry, David is constantly updating his knowledge by studying and researching the areas of nutrition, exercise and injury rehabilitation


  • Exercise & Nutrition Science
  • BA Leisure Management
  • Ironman Level 1 Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • NTC EQF Level 4
  • National Trainer Centre – External Examiner
  • Nutritional Training w/ Martin McDonald (Team GB Olympics) 2013
  • NASM – National Academy Of Sports Medicine
  • PICP – Charles Poliquin International Certification Program Level 1 & 2
  • Charles Poliquin – Bio Signature (Body Fat Analysis)
  • Phil Richards – Private Strength and Conditioning Internship 2008
  • Phil Richards – Nutritional Internship 2009
  • Nutritional, Supplementation & Training Workshop with Eric Serrano (Infinity Fitness & Chief Formulator / Chief Medical Director for MP) 2014 & 2015