Chris Cadwell

“I was weighing in at about 155kg and nearly 37% bodyfat….. I am now down to 95kg and 10%”

chris-caldwellBefore I started in The Edge Clontarf I hadn’t done alot of gym work and my diet was terrible, I played Rugby but I could no longer last the pace as my fitness levels had hit rock bottom. I realised something had to change as I was weighing in at about 150kg and nearly 30% bodyfat. James was recommended to me by a friend and with his help I am now down to 114kg and 15%  bodyfat, due to determination, a strict diet and an intense training regime. James pushed me hard to reach my goals and wouldnt allow me to quit on any exercise. Now my health, strength and fitness levels have vastly improved. As well as sessions with James i felt the Strongman with Brendan and Ciaran really helped as they also pushed me hard each and every week.  I would recommend The Edge Clontarf to anybody, no matter what your goals are.