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Chris Cadwell- #MyFitness

How did you get into fitness?

I’ve always played and had a keen interest in sports since I was a child, but really got into fitness after numerous injuries led to my weight sky rocketing.

What kind of sports do you enjoy and why?

I am a fan of most sports – too many to name. But I like the competitive aspect to sport as it teaches discipline to the participants.


What are your tips for women who might be afraid to lift weights?

Too many women are obsessed with the scales, its not weight you are but what this weight is made up out of – muscle and fat weigh the same but muscle is more compact. Lifting weights will tone your physique more than doing cardio alone.

What are your tips for men who are looking to gain lean muscle mass?

Track your calorie intake, eat whole food sources, avoid processed foods, eliminate alcohol from their diet, have a structured training plan and be consistent with both training and nutrition.

What are your favourite exercises to do yourself in the gym?

Again I have a lot of exercise I like (and dislike…) but my favourites would probably be squats, bench press and pull ups.


What tips do you have for clients looking to stay motivated?

Set goals – you need to have something to train towards which will keep focused. Set short, medium and long term goals that will keep your head in the game.

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to help people reach their goals and being able to wear shorts to work.


What are your goals for 2016 in terms of strength, health and fitness?

Current goals are to remain undefeated and win the double with my rugby team, hit some new PB’s this summer in off-season and remain injury free.

If you are interested in training with Chris, simply drop us a line to info@theedgegym.ie with the subject line CHRIS.

personal training dublin

Personal Training in Dublin- what’s new?

As you know, we offer both personal training and group classes or buddy training in Clontarf. Strength training is our main focus and we believe that a stronger body is a healthier body.

By adopting our nutrition plan and strength training as part of your weekly routine, we can guarantee that you will see results in a very short space of time.

By eating a cleaner diet, with natural, delicious food, combined with supplements to benefit your gut health and optimise your performance, we, as an industry, really have moved on (thankfully!) from the more old-school method of training such as Aerobic classes and endurance training.


Our personal training plans comprise of various forms of lunges, squats, deadlifts, burpees, sprints, prowler work, body weight exercises, circuits and conditioning work.

And contrary to the media hype nowadays, strength/weight training does not make you bulky. If you want to look like a body builder, you have to eat and lift like a body builder.

The results from weight training with us are lower body fat %, lean muscle mass and a tighter, sleeker body.

You will feel healthier and stronger than you have ever felt before…

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call now on 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie- We are looking forward to kicking your ass!

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Personal Trainers and Personal Training in Dublin

So why Personal Training? Why spend more money when you can go to a big commercial gym by yourself whenever you want?

leg raises

In this city alone here are hundreds of choices of regular gyms and personal training facilities in Dublin and the choice is endless- and sometimes confusing for those who are looking to lose weight, tone up or meet new people with similar interests in health, fitness and strength training.

mens fitness group

The difference at our gym is the trainers, the personal touch and the interest we have in helping you reach your goals and objectives- be it to lose weight, gain muscle, get bigger, get leaner or get back into shape after having a baby, we offer tailor-made personal training programs along with personalised nutritional plans to keep you focused, keep the cravings at bay and ensure you see results very quickly.

lottie ryan with personal trainer james swan

Our attitude is to adopt a new attitude- A new lifestyle and a healthier choice for all of your activities.

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We are now offering free consultations for those looking to make the change- Give us a call now on 01 853 4091 or email info@theedgegym.ie and you will see the difference.

Probably the best personal trainers in Dublin 😉