Amino Fuel – Raspberry


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Amino Fuel in Raspberry Lemonade is a unique formula combining Branched Chain Amino Acids and Essential Amino Acids in a mouthwatering Raspberry Lemonade Flavour to give you the perfect training fuel. Amino acids are a foundational product we use to enhance our workouts and heighten the benefits of each training session.

This combination of amino acids have many beneficial effects including:

  • Amino Fuel has an anti catabolic effect (decreases muscle breakdown)
  • Increases the anabolic response (builds lean muscle tissue)
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Increases training drive
  • Fuel during your workout
  • Decreases muscle soreness after training


Recommended Dosage:
Females: 1 scoop per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional

Males: 2-3 scoops pre-workout or as recommended by your healthcare professional Who should take this product.

Infinity Fuel is a must-have for anyone who is serious about their health. This is the single most crucial supplement for anyone looking to improve their overall health in one single product.

* Do not take if breastfeeding or pregnant