The Edge: Retreat

We are delighted to announce something we’ve been VERY excited about for quite some time now! The Edge: Retreat is taking place in February 2019, in the picturesque setting of Avon Ri, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. Our goal for this weekend training retreat is to offer the perfect blend of... Read more

The Elimination Diet

The elimination diet is designed to uncover hidden food intolerances, to heal the gut, to bring down inflammation  and to tailor a food plan  that  works  best  for  your  body. Unfortunately this method is often used as a weight loss or fat loss tool for aesthetic improvements  or  elements ... Read more

Estimating calories burned during your workout

Are you overestimating the amount of calories you are burning during your workout? According to a study conducted in Stanford University on calorie and exrcsie counting devices, Apple, Samsung and fitbit included, the step counters where accurate but the calorie counting ability has been completely overestimated. The researchers concluded... Read more

The benefits of Intra-Workout Fuel

Should you be taking an intra-workout fuel? Taking an intra (during) workout supplement is not something most trainees do, focusing more on the post workout protein shake, but is there much validity to taking some form of nutritional supplement during your workout. The Edge Personal Trainers started to take... Read more

The Importance of Sleep

Most of our clients are probably sick to death of The Edge: Clontarf personal trainers driving home the importance of sleep and how detrimental good sleep is to, not only your training goals, but also healing injuries (in fact, all of your healing is done as you sleep) and... Read more

Easy Chicken Stir-Fry

Looking for a healthy mid-week meal that’s easy to whip together in just a few minutes? For heavy training days, add some brown or basmati rice or some rice-noodles! So simple, so tasty- and easy to add your own favourite veggies too… Ingredients: 2 Tbsp coconut oil 1 red... Read more

What’s the Fuss about Protein?

Like all trends in nutrition, there are only a few pointers that most nutritionists\health professionals will abide by. One of them is not on protein requirements. From our stand point, “ Sports performance, body fat reduction, muscle gain” etc. all have a specific protein demand. So to make this... Read more

Hatha Yoga classes in Clontarf

8-week beginners Hatha Yoga course starting in Clontarf. Are you looking to improve your flexibility and strength this summer? Yoga is a great place to start and we are delighted to kick off with our first full yoga class in Clontarf aimed at beginners it’s also perfect for all... Read more

Personal Training Internship at The Edge: Clontarf

Are you recently qualified and looking to build on your newly learned skills? Are you looking to work with industry experts and learn first-hand how to deal with clients, draft and monitor programs, assess client needs, draft goals, nutrition plans, objectives and more? We are kick-starting a new 8-week... Read more

Why women need to weightlift

As the Edge’s only female personal trainer and from my experience within the industry I can identify with the many fears women have when it comes to lifting weights. These fears can include “lifting weights will make me bulky and masculine”, “it’s dangerous for women to lift heavy weights”,... Read more

5 tips for supplementing your diet

There are many products that are advertised to have ‘amazing’ effects for health and performance but what are the right supplements for general health and performance on a daily basis to ensure you are working at your optimal. 1. Fish oils or Omega 3’s: Fish oils are a staple... Read more

5 Habits of highly successful gym goers

1. Ask the expert: One of the most beneficial things a new or experienced trainee can do is find someone who knows what they are talking about. Without going on a rant, social media which has led to many great opportunities in the fitness industry has also led to... Read more

New Christmas Bootcamp

Looking to look and feel your BEST in time for the festive season? Why not give yourself a little TLC & the health-kick you are looking for to beat those New Year gym bunnies! Our brand new Christmas Bootcamps are ideal for those of you looking to lose unwanted... Read more

Skin health and the importance of nutrition

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, including more energy, feeling more mentally balanced and having a leaner and more toned body. However, one thing that is not commonly discussed are the effects of exercise and nutrition on skin health. One of the most defining ‘feel-good’ factors for people... Read more

New HIIT Class at The Edge: Clontarf

We are delighted to announce our new HIIT training class starting 2 October 2016. The class will take place on Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturday’s at 10am. This will be a high paced interval type class, designed to keep your metabolism and heart rate elevated for longer, turning you... Read more

Weight training for children and teens

Over the past number of years since weight training has become popular, there has been a divide on whether it’s healthy or not for children to partake in resistance training. Pre-Puberty weight training/resistance training Heavy Lifting can put too much strain on young muscles, tendons and growth plates, especially... Read more

Tired of being tired?

What are Branch Chain Amino Acids( BCAA’s)? When protein from food gets broken down in the body it gets turned into Amino Acids. These Aminos are the only substance that the body uses for muscle repair and growth. In addition to repair and growth they have been shown to... Read more

Group Fitness Classes at The Edge: Clontarf

Motivation: Group fitness classes are a great way to kick yourself into gear on those days when all you really want to do is plant yourself on the couch. From  enthusiastic personal trainers to some fresh, pumping, motivational music, group classes can really help increase energy levels. Group classes... Read more

New Supplement- Amino Fuel

We are delighted to present our brand new supplement Amino Fuel to our little family of supplements. These will be part of our extended Performance range which includes a new Magnesium synergy too. Our Amino Fuel comes in two flavours- Green Apple and Raspberry Lemonade. This is a branched... Read more

Chris Cadwell- #MyFitness

How did you get into fitness? I’ve always played and had a keen interest in sports since I was a child, but really got into fitness after numerous injuries led to my weight sky rocketing.   What kind of sports do you enjoy and why? I am a fan... Read more

Sean Reid- #MyFitness

How did you get into fitness? I’ve been involved in Sport and Fitness all my life. My interest in Coaching started at age of 17 when I had my first personal training session. From then, I increased my knowledge for all things in the ‘Health and Fitness’ industry.  ... Read more

Louise McCagh- #MyFitness

How did you get into fitness? I have always had a huge passion for sports and fitness. As a child I was a complete tomboy and played all kind of sports. I decided I wanted to make my passion a career so I studied hard and went on to... Read more

Pre and Post Workout Stretching

Pre and Post Stretching Here at the Edge we encourage all of our clients to stretch or rather mobilize before they train. In fact, we recommend all our clients to come in at least 10 minutes before to get ready for the for their session ahead but why do... Read more

How to stay competition ready for your sport

Here at The Edge we have a few simple guidelines that will help athletes who are looking to compete in competition on a regular basis. Firstly it is important to never stop training between events. If we do so, it will lead to us becoming rusty and losing the... Read more

Top tips on how to get a six pack!

Body fat – In order for your abdominal muscles to show you need to have a body fat percentage of approximately 10 per cent or less for men and 14 percent or less for women. This varies from person to person and depends on the level of definition you... Read more

Healthy snacks for clean eating

One of the most frequently asked questions our trainers are asked by their clients is usually around what they can eat in between meals. We would typically recommend 5-6 moderate meals,  so that should look something like Breakfast, snack, Lunch, snack, Dinner, snack. To keep guess-work out of the... Read more

Training during Pregnancy

A study by Evenson et al. (2008) found that pregnant women cited the same reasons for avoiding exercise as non-pregnant women; lack of time, too busy, lack of energy and tiredness were the top four. Sound familiar? Well, a nationwide study in America found that 98% of women who... Read more

Muscle burns fat- even at rest!

Muscle burns fat while you’re doing absolutely nothing… Think about that for a second… If you want really to lose body fat quickly, by all means focus on a fat burning program. If you want to set your body up to have a higher resting metabolism and burn passively... Read more

Weight loss v Fat Loss

Body weight is used by the majority of people as an indicator of fitness progress. When people try to change their physique and don’t see the figures dropping off the weighing scales each week, they tend to get a little discouraged,  even if they feel progress with their actual... Read more

Healthy Hot Chocolate

So we admit to craving this a little prematurely in terms of seasons, but this little protein-packed treat can be a life and macro saver if you are looking to stay on the healthy eating wagon mid-week but are craving something sweet! 1 cup, plus 1-2 tablespoons milk of... Read more