I’ve lost weight before but it never took long to find it again – until now.

Last September I started training with Sean Paul with a view to kick-starting some exercise habits.  For 12+yrs, growing and raising 3 kids and working were all great excuses to have de-prioritised my health and well-being. I also suffer from exercise induced migraine which is pretty demotivating at the best of times. But lifting my toddler was causing me back pain, I was always tired and none of my clothes fit. My goal was be able to keep up with my growing kids, be a toned size 10 and to be able to carry my toddler without injuring myself. A friend had raved about the impressive results people get with The Edge and they were right. In 4 months I dropped from a generous size 12 to a consistent size 8 petite – a size I’d never been before. My body shape has changed completely and when my 7yr old fell asleep on an evening out I carried them the 8 mins home with ease – even my 9yr old now gets the occasional lift up the stairs at bedtime. All these changes have added up to a generally happier me. I’d regularly start an evening out in bad form as none of my clothes fit right or looked well. I’d hate getting ready. Now I can pick anything out and just go.

Most significantly though, 1yr on, I continue to keep the weight off and am getting stronger and fitter all the time. I’m not going to lie, I hate the gym and weights. So, I started out boxing training with Sean Paul. I was so unfit at the beginning I thought burpees might kill me but Sean Paul always found the right balance between pushing me to do all I could and still stay motivated to come back. I hadn’t boxed before but I find the challenge and variety fantastic. I’ve gone from wishing I’d get a cancellation text from Sean Paul (which never happened) to panicking about how I’ll stay sane if I have to miss a session. Between the dodgy back and the migraines I was a pain of a client but Sean Paul made some suggestions on how to avoid the migraines and paced my training to allow my body to adapt over time. I haven’t had one for 9 months. If an exercise was causing my back discomfort Sean Paul was able to adapt, on the spot, to a different exercise I could manage while still achieving results. Sean Paul also reworked my diet. I wasn’t taking in a lot of calories but I was getting them from foods I couldn’t metabolise very efficiently. By focusing me on macros instead of just calories I noticed it was far easier to lose and keep off weight without being hungry.

The best praise I can give is that he even managed to convince me to take up weight training. Don’t get me wrong  – I still hate it but he knew what he was doing. It accelerated my results and my back is so much stronger.

Happy Gym-aversary Sean Paul and thank you. If I’d had a preview of this note a year ago I simply wouldn’t have believed it.